Expert Witness

Because of his experience, Gilbert Abramson has been engaged to serve as an expert witness in various types of litigation matters.

In legal malpractice cases, Mr. Abramson has rendered expert witness services by opining upon whether attorneys have comported their conduct in accordance with the standard of care. Mr. Abramson has served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs (clients) and defendants (lawyers) in such matters.

Based upon his experience as managing partner in boutique litigation law firms and his experience representing lawyers in disputes with their partners and co-shareholders, Mr. Abramson has served as an expert witness not only in law firm partnership disputes, but also in disputes between attorneys and their employer law firms, and in disputes regarding referral and fee sharing agreements.

Arbitration Services

For more than thirty (30) years, Mr. Abramson has been on the roll of commercial arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association, the nation’s leading alternative dispute resolution program. Mr. Abramson has sat both as sole arbitrator and as part of a panel of arbitrators in a multitude of commercial matters, including shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence matters, breach of contract actions, and business tort actions.

Outside of serving as an arbitrator for AAA, Mr. Abramson is available to privately arbitrate matters between disputing parties where each consents to have him do so.