Local Counsel

Our office has served as local counsel on numerous occasions on behalf of law firms and clients, including on behalf of law firms located in California, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Local counsel services have ranged from ensuring pleadings comply with local rules of procedure and appearing at court proceedings to appearing and assisting at trial as co-lead counsel.

General Counsel

Our office has from time to time provided general counseling services for various companies and individuals, and, in conjunction therewith, has:

  • Directed the litigation efforts of attorneys hired by clients to represent them in lawsuits located outside of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • Provided legal advice and counsel in various commercial and litigation contexts
  • Served as a “second opinion” for advice being rendered by other litigation counsel, often upon the referral of original litigation counsel
  • Assisted in contractual negotiations in commercial matters and in the negotiation of settlements in litigation

Litigation Counsel

Several individuals and companies with their own corporate attorneys or in-house counsel attorneys look to our firm when faced with litigation matters. Our office currently serves as litigation counsel for several area businesses in this capacity, including businesses in the surety, transportation, environmental clean-up, automotive sales, and publishing industries.