A substantial portion of the firm’s practice includes the representation of clients who find themselves in disputes surrounding and in connection with real estate and improvements to real estate. Our firm has handled nearly all types of real estate disputes, from commercial landlord/tenant disputes to disputes over ownership, title, liens and encumbrances, easements, and the right to own, develop, and occupy real estate. We have represented real estate developers, property owners, landlords, tenants, and stakeholders in real property in disputes with private, public, and quasi-public organizations and entities.

Below is a selected list of real estate litigation matters our firm has handled:

  • $21.6 million verdict against municipality as damages for failure to honor developer’s claimed right to develop waterfront project
  • Large jury verdict in favor of developer and against municipality for failure to enter into lease agreement with developer
  • Substantial settlement for developer against municipal agencies for refusal to allow developer to build at redevelopment site
  • Large settlement obtained from developer of residential home for alleged defective construction and breach of warranty
  • Successful defense of claims made by purchaser of commercial property against seller based upon claim that title was defective for failure of seller to transfer air rights
  • Successful quiet title action where claims were made against client’s property
  • Large settlement obtained from tenant of leased premises for failure to pay real estate broker’s commission
  • Multiple cases of successfully defending real property owner from personal injury premises liability claims where property owner did not have insurance for such claims