Medical Students Treating Patients

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Interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday weighing the advantages and disadvantages of permitting medical students to work in hospitals and treat patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article notes that while the propriety of permitting medical students to tread patients is subject to debate, the dedication of these future physicians cannot be argued. The article can be found here:

For more than 10 years, Dennis L. Abramson has dedicated a significant portion of his practice to counseling and representing medical students, IMGs, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians in compliance and disciplinary matters related to ECFMG, USMLE, NBME, and NRMP, including responding to and defending allegations of irregular behavior and violations of the Match® agreement. Should you need advice or counsel with a related issue, please contact Mr. Abramson at 610-664-5700 or

Mr. Abramson regularly updates this page with the latest developments related to ECFMG, USMLE, NRMP, ABIM, irregular behavior, and physician licensing and credentialing issues, so check back soon.

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